Fruits and Turnips: Cost Optimization in Animal Crossing

Posted on May 04, 2021

Our priorities inform what we do with our money. What do you really need those bells for? Are you trying to add an extension on your home or get a five star island? How will what you buy help? How do you plan to get those bells?

One of the ways to make bells is the selling of fruits and turnips. Fruits are an abundant sellable resource that requires space on your island (infrastructure) and a friend’s island to sell (connections). The return rate is steady but not time blocked. Turnips appear once a week with ten selling windows a week that can vary wildly on price where taking a loss is pretty common.

Knowing this, I’ll demonstrate how spend can tell us what our priorities were and the pros and cons to each approach. Cost management is more than cutting costs, but making sure the costs that are made support those priorities.